Australian Talent Index
The Australian Talent Indesx
The Australian Talent Index has been designed to provide marketers, agencies and studios a mechanism to measure, rank and compare high profile personalities across a range of consumer attitudes and industry sectors.

The index has been developed for Talent Corp by leading independent research firm Lewers Research in conjunction with global data and insights business Pure Profile. It aims to provide the Australian Media and Marketing Industry a reliable and robust talent measurement system.
Lisa Lewers

“It is the first study of its kind to leverage AI to understand the breadth and depth of the emotions Australian talent evokes – from love to hate and everything in between.

It’s a comprehensive lens into how Talent makes Australians feel.

Lisa Lewers

CEO Lewers Reserach


- Robust Talent Measurement System

- Flexible Reporting

- Industry Sector Matching

- Consumer Groups Deep-Dive

- AI Driven Emotion Predictions

- Conscious and Subconscious Associations

- BYO Talent Measurement


112 x Emotional Responses

17 x Industry Categories

16 x Geographic Regions

14 x Media Interests

12 x Consumer Attitudes

12 x Age Groups

6 x Product Adoption Groups

5 x Occupational Groups

4 x Gender Types

Attitudes towards Talent










Community minded


Behind the times


David Hughes Contact, David Hughes Agent, David Hughes Manager, Ed Kavalee Contact, Ed Kavalee Agent, Ed Kavalee Manager, Ben Fordham Contact Ben Fordham Agent, Ben Fordham Manager, Chris Smith Contact, Chris Smith Agent, Chris Smith Manager, Darryl Brohman Contact, Darryl Brohman Agent, Darryl Brohman Manager, Deborah Knight Contact, Deborah Knight Agent, Deborah Knight Manager, Mark Levy Contact, Mark Levy Agent, Mark Levy Manager, Ray Hadley Contact, Ray Hadley Agent, Ray Hadley Manager, Brooke Corte Contact, Brooke Corte Agent Brooke Corte Manager, John Laws Contact, John Laws Agent, John Laws Manager, Livinia Nixon Contact, Livinia Nixon Contact, Livinia Nixon Agent, Stevie Jacobs Manager, Bruce Eva Contact, Bruce Eva Agent, Bruce Eva Manager, Darren James Contact, Darren James Agent, Darren James Manager, Denis Walter Contact, Denis Walter Agent, Denis Walter Manager, Kevin Bartlett Contact, Kevin Bartlett Agent, Kevin Bartlett Manager, Matthew Lloyd Contact, Matthew Lloyd Agent Matthew Lloyd Manager, Neil Mitchell Contact, Neil Mitchell Agent, Neil Mitchell Manager, Ross Stevenson Contact, Ross Stevenson Agent, Ross Stevenson Manager, Russel Howcroft Contact, Russel Howcroft Agent, Russel Howcroft Manager, Tim Lane Contact, Tim Lane Agent, Tim Lane Manager, Tom Elliot Contact, Tom Elliot Agent Tom Elliot Manager, Tony Leonard Contact, Tony Leonard Manager, Tony Leonard Agent, Alan Cola Contact, Alan Cola Manager, Alan Cola Agent, Chris Cola Contact, Chris Cola Manager Chris Cola Agent, Annabel Crabb Contact, Annabel Crabb Manager, Annabel Crabb Agent Barry Cassidy Contact, Barry Cassidy Manager, Barry Cassidy Agent, Ellen Fanning Contact, Ellen Fanning Manager, Ellen Fanning Agent, Lara Tingle Contact, Lara Tingle Manager, Lara Tingle Agent, Leigh Sales Contact, Leigh Sales Manager, Leigh Sales Agent, Paul Barry Contact, Paul Barry Manager, Paul Barry Agent, Sarah Ferguson Contact, Sarah Ferguson Manager, Sarah Ferguson Agent, Tom Gleeson Contact, Tom Gleeson Manager, Tom Gleeson Agent, Pip Courney Contact, Pip Courney Manager Pip Courney Agent, Ian McNamara Contact, Ian McNamara Manager, Ian McNamara Agent, Virginia Trioli Contact, Virginia Trioli Manager, Virginia Trioli Agent, Geraldine Doogue Contact, Geraldine Doogue Manager, Geraldine Doogue Agent, Norman Swan Contact, Norman Swan Manager Norman Swan Agent, Ellen Fanning Contact, Ellen Fanning Manager, Ellen Fanning Agent, Abbi Cornish Contact, Abbi Cornish Manager, Abbi Cornish Agent, Anthony LaPaglia Contact, Anthony LaPaglia Manager, Anthony LaPaglia Agent, Asher Keddie Contact, Asher Keddie Manager, Asher Keddie Agent, Barry Humphries Contact, Barry Humphries Manager, Barry Humphries Agent, Ben Mendohlson Contact, Ben Mendohlson Manager, Ben Mendohlson Agent, Bill Hunter Contact Bill Hunter Manager, Bill Hunter Agent, Bryan Brown Contact, Bryan Brown Manager, Bryan Brown Agent, Cate Blanchett Contact, Cate Blanchett Agent, Cate Blanchett Manager, Chris Hemsworth Copntact, Chris Hemsworth Manager, Chris Hemsworth Agent, David Wenham Contact, David Wenham Manager, David Wenham Contact, Emily Browing Contact, Emily Browing Manager, Emily Browing Agent, Eric Bana Contact, Eric Bana Manager, Eric Bana Agent, Gemma Ward Contact Gemma Ward Manager, Gemma Ward Agent, Guy Pearce Contact, Guy Pearce Manager, Guy Pearce Agent, Hugh Jackman Contact, Hugh Jackman Manager, Hugh Jackman Agent, Isabel Lucas Contact, Isabel Lucas Manager, Isabel Lucas Agent, Isla Fisher Contact, Isla Fisher Manager, Isla Fisher Agent, Jacob Elordi Contact, Jacob Elordi Manager, Jacob Elordi Agent, Joel Edgerton Contact, Joel Edgerton Manager, Joel Edgerton Agent, Liam Hemsworth Contact, Liam Hemsworth Manager, Liam Hemsworth Agent, Luke Mitchell Contact, Luke Mitchell Manager, Luke Mitchell Agent, Margot Robbie Contact, Margot Robbie Manager, Margot Robbie Agent, Mel Gibson Contact, Mel Gibson Manager, Mel Gibson Agent, Melissa George Contact, Melissa George Manager, Melissa George Agent, Mia Wasikowska Contact, Mia Wasikowska Manager, Mia Wasikowska Agent, Michael Caton Contact, Michael Caton Manager, Michael Caton Agent, Miranda Otto Contact Miranda Otto Manager, Miranda Otto Agent, Naomi Watts Contact, Naomi Watts Manager, Naomi Watts Agent, Nicole Kidman Contact, Nicole Kidman Manager, Nicole Kidman Agent, Phoebe Tonkin Contact, Phoebe Tonkin Manager, Phoebe Tonkin Agent, Pippa Black Contact, Pippa Black Manager Pippa Black Agent, Rachael Taylor Contact, Rachael Taylor Manager, Rachael Taylor Agent, Rebel Wilson Contact, Rebel Wilson Manager, Rebel Wilson Agent, Remi Hill Contact, Remi Hill Manager, Remi Hill Agent, Richard Roxburgh Contact, Richard Roxburgh Manager, Richard Roxburgh Agent, Rose Byrne Contact, Rose Byrne Manager, Rose Byrne Agent, Russell Crowe Contact, Russell Crowe Manager, Russell Crowe Agent, Ryan Kwanten Contact, Ryan Kwanten Manager, Ryan Kwanten Agent, Sam Worthington Contact, Sam Worthington Manager, Sam Worthington Agent, Simon Baker Contact, Simon Baker Manager, Simon Baker Agent, Toni Colette Contact, Toni Colette Manager,Toni Colette Agent, Brendan Fevola Contact, Brendan Fevola Manager, Brendan Fevola Agent, Fifi Box Contact, Fifi Box Manager, Fifi Box Agent, Nick Cody Contact, Nick Cody Manager, Nick Cody Agent, Andy Harper Contact, Andy Harper Manager, Andy Harper Agent, Mark Bosnich Contact, Mark Bosnich Manager, Mark Bosnich Agent, Robbie Slater Contact, Robbie Slater Manager, Robbie Slater Agent, Braith Anasta Contact, Braith Anasta Manager, Braith Anasta Agent, Bryan Fletcher Contact, Bryan Fletcher Manager, Bryan Fletcher Agent, Gerard Whateley Contact, Gerard Whateley Agent, Gerard Whateley Manager, Gorden Tallis Contact, Gorden Tallis Manager, Gorden Tallis Agent, Jess Yates Contact, Jess Yates Manager, Jess Yates Agent, Justin Hodges Contact, Justin Hodges Manager, Justin Hodges Agent, Kevin Walters Manager, Kevin Walters Agent, Kevin Walters Contact, Mal Meninga Contact, Mal Meninga Manager, Mal Meninga Agent, Matty Johns Contact, Matty Johns Manager, Matty Johns Agent, Steve Roach Contact, Steve Roach Manager, Steve Roach Agent, Yvonne Sampson Contact, Yvonne Sampson Manager, Yvonne Sampson Agent, Peter Maddison Content, Peter Maddison Manager, Peter Maddison Agent, Christian O’Connell Content, Christian O’Connell Manager, Christian O’Connell Content, Jackie O Contact, Jackie O Manager, Jackie O Agent, Kyle Sandilands Contact, Kyle Sandilands Manager, Kyle Sandilands Agent, Alessandra Rampolla Contact, Alessandra Rampolla Manager, Alessandra Rampolla Agent, Ally Langdon Contact, Ally Langdon Manager, Ally Langdon Agent, Andrew Johns Contact, Andrew Johns Manager, Andrew Johns Agent, Andrew Voss Contact, Andrew Voss Manager, Andrew Voss Talent, Brad Fittler Contact, Brad Fittler Manager, Brad Fittler Agent, Cameron Williams Contact, Cameron Williams Manager, Cameron Williams Agent, Cherie Barber Contact, Cherie Barber Manager, Cherie Barber Agent, Chris Uhlmann Contact, Chris Uhlmann Manager, Chris Uhlmann Agent, Darren Lockyer Contact, Darren Lockyer Manager, Darren Lockyer Agent, David Campbell Contact, David Campbell Manager, David Campbell Agent, Erin Molan Contact, Erin Molan Manager Erin Molan Agent, Georgie Parker Contact, Georgie Parker Manager, Georgie Parker Agent, Hamish Blake Contact, Hamish Blake Manager, Hamish Blake Agent John Aiken Contact, John Aiken Manager, John Aiken Agent, Karl Stefanovic Contact, Karl Stefanovic Manager, Karl Stefanovic Agent, Liam Bartlett Contact, Liam Bartlett Manager, Liam Bartlett Agent, Liz Hayes Contact, Liz Hayes Manager, Liz Hayes Agent, Mathew Thompson Contact, Mathew Thompson Manager, Mathew Thompson Agent, Mel Schilling Contact Mel Schilling Manager, Mel Schilling Agent, Paul Vautin Contact, Paul Vautin Manager Paul Vautin Agent, Peter Hitchener Contact, Peter Hitchener Manager, Peter Hitchener Agent, Peter Overton Contact, Peter Overton Manager, Peter Overton Agent, Peter Psalits Contact, Peter Psalits Manager, Peter Psalits Agent Peter Sterling Contact, Peter Sterling Manager, Peter Sterling Agent, Phil Gould Contact, Phil Gould Manager, Phil Gould Agent, Ray Warren Contact, Ray Warren Manager, Ray Warren Agent, Rebecca Judd Contact, Rebecca Judd Manager, Rebecca Judd Agent, Rebecca Madern Contact, Rebecca Madern Manager, Rebecca Madern Agent, Richard Wilkinson Contact, Richard Wilkinson Manager, Richard Wilkinson Agent,Rodger Corser Contact, Rodger Corser Manager, Rodger Corser Agent, Sam McClure Contact, Sam McClure Manager, Sam McClure Agent, Sarah Abo Contact, Sarah Abo Manager, Sarah Abo Agent Scott Cam Contact, Scott Cam Manager, Scott Cam Agent, Shayna Blaze Contact, Shayna Blaze Manager, Shayna Blaze Agent, Sophie Monks Contact Sophie Monks Manager, Sophie Monks Agent, Tara Brown Contact, Tara Brown Manager, Tara Brown Agent, Tom Steinfort Contact, Tom Steinfort Manager, Tom Steinfort Agent, Tony Jones Contact, Tony Jones Manager Tony Jones Agent, Tracy Grimshaw Contact, Tracy Grimshaw Manager, Tracy Grimshaw Agent, Wally Lewis Contact, Wally Lewis Manager, Wally Lewis Agent, Sylvia Jeffreys Contact, Sylvia Jeffreys Manager, Sylvia Jeffreys Agent, Chrissie Swan Contact, Chrissie Swan Manager, Chrissie Swan Agent, Jonathan Brown Contact, Jonathan Brown Manager, Jonathan Brown Agent, Joel Creasey Contact, Joel Creasey Manager, Joel Creasey Agent, Kate Ritchie Contact, Kate Ritchie Manager, Kate Ritchie Agent, Kent Small Contact, Kent Small Agent, Kent Small Manager, Tim Blackwell Contact, Tim Blackwell Manager, Tim Blackwell Agent, Michael Wippa Wipfli Contact, Michael Wippa Wipfli Manager, Michael Wippa Wipfli Agent, Ryan Fitzy Fitzgerald Contact, Ryan Fitzy Fitzgerald Manager, Ryan Fitzy Fitzgerald Agent, Sarah McGilvray Contact, Sarah McGilvray Manager, Sarah McGilvray Agent, Phillip Adams Contact, Phillip Adams Manager, Phillip Adams Agent, Garry Lyon Contact, Garry Lyon Manager, Garry Lyon Agent, Abbey Gelmi Contact, Abbey Gelmi Manager Abbey Gelmi Agent, Adam Dovile Contact, Adam Dovile Manager, Adam Dovile Agent, Alecia Dixon Contact, Alecia Dixon Manager, Alecia Dixon Agent, Andy Maher Contect, Andy Maher Manager, Andy Maher Agent, Brian Taylor Contact, Brian Taylor Manager, Brian Taylor Agent, Bruce McAvaney Contact, Bruce McAvaney Manager, Bruce McAvaney Agent, Cameron Ling Contact, Cameron Ling Manager, Cameron Ling Agent, Cornelia Francesmn Contact, Cornelia Francesmn Manager, Cornelia Francesmn Agent, Daisy Pearce Contact, Daisy Pearce Manager, Daisy Pearce Agent David Koch Contact, David Koch Manager, David Koch Agent, Melissa Doyle Contact, Melissa Doyle Manager, Melissa Doyle Agent, Ed Halmagyi Contact, Ed Halmagyi Manager, Ed Halmagyi Agent, Graham Ross Contact, Graham Ross Manager Graham Ross Agent, Guy Sebastian Contact, Guy Sebastian Manager, Guy Sebastian Agent, Hamish McLachlan Contact, Hamish McLachlan Manager, Hamish McLachlan Agent, James Brayshaw Contact, James Brayshaw Manager, James Brayshaw Agent, James Tobin Contact, James Tobin Manager, James Tobin Agent, Jane Bunn Contact, Jane Bunn Manager, Jane Bunn Agent, Jason Bennett Contact, Jason Bennett Manager, Jason Bennett Agent, Jimmy Bartel Contact, Jimmy Bartel Manager, Jimmy Bartel Contact, Jobe Watson Contact Jobe Watson Manager, Jobe Watson Agent, Johanna Griggs Contact, Johanna Griggs Manager, Johanna Griggs Agent,Kate Ritchie Contact, Kate Ritchie Manager, Kate Ritchie Agent, Brooke Boney Contact, Brooke Boney Manager, Brooke Boney Agent, Keith Urban Contact, Keith Urban Manager, Keith Urban Agent, Kylie Gillies Contact, Kylie Gillies Manager, Kylie Gillies Agent Larry Emdur Contact, Larry Emdur Manager, Larry Emdur Agent, Leigh Matthews Contact, Leigh Matthews Manager, Leigh Matthews Agent, Luke Darcy.Contact Luke Darcy.Manager, Luke Darcy.Agent, Luke Hodge Contact,Luke Hodge Manager, Luke Hodge Agent, Manu Feildel Contact, Manu Feildel Manager, Manu Feildel Agent, Mark Beretta Contact, Mark Beretta Manager, Mark Beretta Contact, Mark Fergusen Agent, Matt Preston Contact, Matt Preston Manager, Matt Preston Agent, Matthew Richardson Contact, Matthew Richardson Manager, Matthew Richardson Agent, Michelle Bishop Contact, Michelle Bishop Manager, Michelle Bishop Agent, Mick Molloy Contact, Mick Molloy Manager Mick Molloy Agent, Natelie Barr Contact, Natelie Barr Manager, Natelie Barr Agent, Nigel Carmody Contact, Nigel Carmody Manager, Nigel Carmody Agent, Norman Coburn Contact, Norman Coburn Manager, Norman Coburn Talent, Patrich Harris Contact, Patrich Harris Manager, Patrich Harris Agent, Patrick O’Connor Contact, Patrick O’Connor Manager, Patrick O’Connor Agent, Pete Colquhoun Contact, Pete Colquhoun Manager, Pete Colquhoun Agent, Peter Mitchell Contact, Peter Mitchell Manager, Peter Mitchell Agent, Ray Meagher Contact, Ray Meagher Manager, Ray Meagher Agent, Rick-Lee Contact, Rick-Lee Manager, Rick-Lee Agent, Sam Pang Contact, Sam Pang Manager, Sam Pang Agent, Shane Jacobson Contact, Shane Jacobson Manager, Shane Jacobson Agent, Sonia Kruger Contact, Sonia Kruger Manager, Sonia Kruger Agent, Suzie Wilks Contact, Suzie Wilks Manager, Suzie Wilks Agent, Tara Dennis Contact, Tara Dennis Manager, Tara Dennis Agent, Tim Watson Contact, Tim Watson Manger Tim Watson Agent, Wayne Carey Contact, Wayne Carey Manger, Wayne Carey Agent, Alan Jones Contact, Alan Jones Manager, Alan Jones Agent, Andrew Bolt Contact, Andrew Bolt Manager, Andrew Bolt Agent, Jaynie Seal Contact,Jaynie Seal Manager,Jaynie Seal Agent, Paul Murray Contact, Paul Murray Manager, Paul Murray Agent, Peta Credlin Contact, Peta Credlin Manager, Peta Credlin Agent, Ross Greenwood Contact, Ross Greenwood Manager, Ross Greenwood Agent, Andy Allen Contact, Andy Allen Manager, Andy Allen Agent, Andy Lee Contact, Andy Lee Manager Andy Lee Agent, Carrie Bickmore Contact, Carrie Bickmore Manager, Carrie Bickmore Agent, Colin Fasnidge Content, Colin Fasnidge Manager, Colin Fasnidge Agent, Dr Chris Brown Contact, Dr Chris Brown Manager, Dr Chris Brown Agent, Grant Denyer Contact, Grant Denyer Manager, Grant Denyer Agents, Jock Zonfrillo Contact, Jock Zonfrillo Manager, Jock Zonfrillo Agent, Julia Morris Contact Julia Morris Manager, Julia Morris Agent, Lisa Wilkinson Contact, Lisa Wilkinson Manager, Lisa Wilkinson Agent, Melissa Leong Contact, Melissa Leong Manager, Melissa Leong Agent, Miguel Maestre Contact, Miguel Maestre Manager, Miguel Maestre Agent, Myf Warhurst Contact, Myf Warhurst Manager, Myf Warhurst Agent, Osher Günsberg Contact, Osher Günsberg Manager, Osher Günsberg Agent, Peter Helliar Contact, Peter Helliar Manager, Peter Helliar Agent, Sam Wood Contact, Sam Wood Manager Sam Wood Agent, Sandra Sully Contact, Sandra Sully Manager, Sandra Sully Agent, Shannan Ponton Contact, Shannan Ponton Manager, Shannan Ponton Agent, Stephen Quartermain Contact, Stephen Quartermain Manager, Stephen Quartermain Talent, Steve Price Contact, Steve Price Manager, Steve Price Agent, Tiffiny Hall Contact, Tiffiny Hall Manager, Tiffiny Hall Agent, Tom Gleisner Contact, Tom Gleisner Mnager, Tom Gleisner Agent, Waleed Aly Contact, Waleed Aly Manager, Waleed Aly Talent, Emma Chow Contact, Emma Chow Manager, Emma Chow Agent, Mike Etheriddge Contact, Mike Etheriddge Manager, Mike Etheriddge Agent, Lawrence Moonman Mooney Contact, Lawrence Moonman Mooney Manager, Lawrence Moonman Mooney Agent, Luke Bona Contact, Luke Bona Manager, Luke Bona Agent, Marty Sheargold Contact, Marty Sheargold Manager, Marty Sheargold Agent, Damian Barrett Contact, Damian Barrett Manager, Damian Barrett Agent, James Hooper Contact, James Hooper Manager, James Hooper Agent, Jason Dunstall Contact, Jason Dunstall Manager, Jason Dunstall Agents, Luke Darcy Contact, Luke Darcy Manager, Luke Darcy Agent, Nathan Brown Contact, Nathan Brown Manager, Nathan Brown Agent, Ryan Girdler Contact, Ryan Girdler Manager, Ryan Girdler Agent, Tony Squires contact, Tony Squires Manager, Tony Squires Agent, Wendell Sailor Contact, Wendell Sailor Manager, Wendell Sailor Agent, Amanda Keller Manager, Amanda Keller Agent, Brendan Jones Contact, Brendan Jones Manager, Brendan Jones Agent, Ash Barty Contact, Ash Barty Manager, Ash Barty Agent, Ariarne Titmus Contact, Ariarne Titmus Manager, Ariarne Titmus Agent, Patty Mills Contact, Patty Mills Manager, Patty Mills Agent, Joe Ingles Contact, Joe Ingles Manager Joe Ingles Agent, Sally Fitzgibbons Contact, Sally Fitzgibbons Manager, Sally Fitzgibbons Agent, Ben Simmons Contact, Ben Simmons Manger, Ben Simmons Agent, Kyle Chalmers Contact, Kyle Chalmers Manager, Kyle Chalmers Agent, Kyle Jamieson Contact, Kyle Jamieson Agent, Kyle Jamieson Manager, Daniel Ricciardo Contact, Daniel Ricciardo Manager, Daniel Ricciardo Agent, Ellyse Perry Contact, Ellyse Perry Manager, Ellyse Perry Agent, Matthew Dellavedova Contact, Matthew Dellavedova Manager, Matthew Dellavedova Agent, Pat Cummins Contact, Pat Cummins Manager, Pat Cummins Agent, Dylan Alcott Contact, Dylan Alcott Manager, Dylan Alcott Agent, Kane Williamson Contact, Kane Williamson Manager, Kane Williamson Agent, Israel Adesanya Contact, Israel Adesanya Manager, Israel Adesanya Agent, Nathan Cleary Contact, Nathan Cleary Manager, Nathan Cleary Agent, Steve Smith Contact, Steve Smith Manager Steve Smith Agent, Marnus Labuschagne Contact, Marnus Labuschagne Manager, Marnus Labuschagne Agent, David Warner Contact, David Warner Manager, David Warner Agent, Lydia Ko Contact, Lydia Ko Manager, Lydia Ko Agent, Aron Baynes Contact, Aron Baynes Manager, Aron Baynes Agent, Stephanie Gilmore Contact, Stephanie Gilmore Manager, Stephanie Gilmore Agent, Trent Boult Contact Trent Boult Manager, Trent Boult Agent, Liz Cambage Contact, Liz Cambage Manager, Liz Cambage Agent, Charlotte Caslick Contact, Charlotte Caslick Manager, Charlotte Caslick Agent, Dustin Martin Content, Dustin Martin Manager, Dustin Martin Agent, Tyler Wright Contact, Tyler Wright Manager, Tyler Wright Agent Rob Whittaker Contact, Rob Whittaker Manager, Rob Whittaker Agent, Julian Wilson Contact, Julian Wilson Manager, Julian Wilson Agent, Dante Exum Contact, Dante Exum Manager, Dante Exum Agent, James O’connor Contact, James O’connor Manager, James O’connor Agent, Alyssa Healy Content, Alyssa Healy Manager, Alyssa Healy Agent, Mitchell Starc Contact, Mitchell Starc Manager, Mitchell Starc Agent, Alex De Minaur Contact, Alex De Minaur Manager, Alex De Minaur Agent, Nathan Lyon Contact, Nathan Lyon Manager Nathan Lyon Agent, Erin Phillips Contact, Erin Phillips Manager, Erin Phillips Agent, Tom Hawkins Contact, Tom Hawkins Manager Tom Hawkins Agent, Beauden Barrett Contact, Beauden Barrett Manager, Beauden Barrett Agent, Lance Franklin Contact, Lance Franklin Manager, Lance Franklin Agent, Patrick Dangerfield Contact, Patrick Dangerfield Manager, Patrick Dangerfield Agent, Tim Southee Contact, Tim Southee Manager, Tim Southee Agent, Tim Tszyu Contact, Tim Tszyu Manager, Tim Tszyu Agent, Adam Scott Contact, Adam Scott Manager, Adam Scott Agent, Nic Naitanui Contact, Nic Naitanui Manager, Nic Naitanui Agent, Kalyn Ponga Contact, Kalyn Ponga Manager, Kalyn Ponga Agent, Ellia Green Contact, Ellia Green Manager, Ellia Green Agent, Nick Kyrgios Contact, Nick Kyrgios Manager, Nick Kyrgios Agent, Nat Fyfe Contact, Nat Fyfe Manager, Nat Fyfe Agent, Ashleigh Gardner Contact, Ashleigh Gardner Manager, Ashleigh Gardner Agent, James Tedesco Contact, James Tedesco Manager, James Tedesco Agent, Amelia Kerr Contact, Amelia Kerr Manager, Amelia Kerr Agent, Cameron Munster Contact, Cameron Munster Manager, Cameron Munster Agent, Sam Kerr Contact, Sam Kerr Manager, Sam Kerr Agent, Cameron Smith Contact, Cameron Smith Manager, Cameron Smith Agent, Patrick Cripps Contact, Patrick Cripps Manager, Patrick CrippsTalent, Scott Mclaughlin Contact, Scott Mclaughlin Manager, Scott Mclaughlin Agent, Sophie Devine Contact, Sophie Devine Manager, Sophie Devine Agebnts, Jason Day Contact, Jason Day Manager, Jason Day Agent, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck Contact, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck Manager, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck Agent, Caleb Ewan Contact, Caleb Ewan Manager, Caleb Ewan Agent, Ardie Savea Contact, Ardie Savea Manager, Ardie Savea Agent, Tayla Harris Contact, Tayla Harris Manager, Tayla Harris Agent, Ross Taylor Contact, Ross Taylor Manager, Ross Taylor Agent, Latrell Mitchell Contact, Latrell Mitchell Manager, Latrell Mitchell Agent, Daly Cherry-Evans Contact, Daly Cherry-Evans Manager, Daly Cherry-Evans Agent, Steven Adams Contact, Steven Adams Manager, Steven Adams Agent, Scotty James Contact, Scotty James Manager, Scotty James Agent, Richie Mo’unga Contact, Richie Mo’unga Manager, Richie Mo’unga Agent, Alexei Popyrin Contact, Alexei Popyrin Manager, Alexei Popyrinn Agent, Shaun Johnson Contact, Shaun Johnson Manager, Shaun Johnson Agent, John Millman Contact, John Millman Manager, John Millman Agent, Sam Cane Contact, Sam Cane Manager, Sam Cane Agent, Will Pucovski Contact, Will Pucovski Manager, Will Pucovski Agent, Matthew Ryan Contact, Matthew Ryan Manager, Matthew Ryan Agent, Minjee Lee Contact, Minjee Lee Manager, Minjee Lee Agent, Daisy Pearce Contact, Daisy Pearce Manager, Daisy Pearce Agent, Alexander Volkanovski Contact, Alexander Volkanovski Manager, Alexander Volkanovski Agent, Eddie Betts Contact, Eddie Betts Manager, Eddie Betts Agent, Marc Leishman Contact, Marc Leishman Manager, Marc Leishman Agent, Caleb Clarke Contact, Caleb Clarke Manager, Caleb Clarke Agent, Ajla Tomljanovic Contact, Ajla Tomljanovic Manager, Ajla Tomljanovic Agent, Aaron Mooy Contact, Aaron Mooy Manager, Aaron Mooy Agent, Alanna Kennedy Contact, Alanna Kennedy Manager, Alanna Kennedy Agent, Tia-Clair Toomey Contact, Tia-Clair Toomey Manager, Tia-Clair Toomey Agent, Chris Wood Contact, Chris Wood Manager, Chris Wood Agent, Tom Rogic Contact, Tom Rogic Manager, Tom RogicAgent, Mack Horton Contact, Mack Horton Manager, Mack Horton Agent, Ryan Fox Contact, Ryan Fox Manager, Ryan Fox Agent
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